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The Eminz information portal is the most efficient way of gathering the data and information required to develop a marketing campaign and to build your own quote on the automated quoting hub.


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The Markets;

Reaching an Ethnic Communities, or accessing these markets is easier than ever before.

These ethnic consumers are in the high quintile for income, education, employment, disposable income, etc and they are the fastest growing consumers in NZ – and have been for the last decade. They are also growing faster than any other group, by more than three times that of the traditional Kiwi population.

With Eminz and the services available, you are able to quickly and easily find the information you require to produce a marketing campaign into any of New Zealand’s Ethnic Communities. Eminz will help you identify the best media options and quickly produce costings for a campaign.

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Eminz makes the task easy for you and saves you time and money!


Eminz is the largest industry tool for accessing marketing information about the Key Ethnic Media Companies in New Zealand into each of the ethnic or niche markets. The aim of Eminz is to provide:

  • An Ethnic Community Information Point
  • An on-line media space booking tool
  • An exclusive serviceĀ for Advertising Agencies
  • Provision to promote the importance of Ethnic Communities in today’s marketing world
  • Expertise in all facets of Ethnic Communication
  • Access to Graphic Designers from within Ethnic Communities
  • Comprehensive Concept Marketing Plans
  • Advice to agencies on marketing to Ethnic Communities
  • One source for all Ethnic Marketing and Communication needs.
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Unit 7, 325 Ti Rakau Drive, Burswood, Auckland

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